Helping people to help themselves by assisting individuals, couples, and families in making decisions and developing skills to enhance their lives.

Life is filled with challenges and transitions. Sometimes we need someone who will listen with compassion and help us move from where we are to the next more comfortable resolution. I will be  your compassionate witness and  confident guide. You will set the goals and I will help you to achieve them.

"Every decision you make brings you closer to where you want to go or further away."

-Heather Lagace

My career began as a middle school teacher. After five years of teaching, I decided to enroll in a graduate program for Marriage and Family Therapists because I believed my students needed more help from me in their personal lives. As I learned and grew personally and professionally, I decided to engage in a dual career as and a Marriage and Family Therapist and an Adjunct Professor.  My continual learning and teaching enables me to be an effective Licensed Professional Counselor. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with individuals, couples and families as well as instruct students going into the helping professions. I also present on wellness topics to community and corporate groups and at professional conferences. In recent years, I have begun writing practical workbooks as guides to relationships and parenting: Growing into a Healthier Relationship, Family Meeting Curriculum, We Cannot Give to Our Children What We Do Not Have for Ourselves, and Family Rituals. I wish to share what I have learned personally and professionally to assist people who I have the honor to work with in person and those whom I may never meet, but would also like to help. My words and experience come from not only research and books, but from my personal life: I have raised three children and been married to the same person for over thirty years. The greatest professional compliment I have ever been given came from someone who knows the work I do and the life I lead. She said to me, “You are what you teach.” I never ask a client to do that which I would be unwilling to do myself. My counseling advice is practical and authentic. I have always been my primary student and client. My effectiveness with others is based on my effectiveness with myself because as a mentor of mine has said, “I am in my life for keeps.”  

Specialties: Internal Family Systems Therapy, Positive Psychology, Parent Coaching, Healthy Relationships, Life Coaching