Thriving is not a matter of chance or circumstances; it is a result of being in your life for keeps! How can you live your best self regardless of the conditions of your life? • Do you feel at the mercy of outside circumstances over which you have little or no control? • Does your stress level go up and down depending on the choices other people make? • Do you wish for something in your life that you feel is currently out of reach? I Am in My Life for Keeps: A Course in Thriving is a wise guide to put you into the driver’s seat of your life. You will be guided one step at a time into ways of thinking and behaving so you will do more than survive-you will thrive. This book eliminates the obstacles to thriving through focusing on four influences on your well-being: Being with life. Being with yourself. Being in relationships. Being in the world. The top reasons why people do not thrive in their own lives: 1. People keep themselves in a constant state of distraction. 2. People believe everything they think. 3. People listen more closely to others than to themselves. 4. People underestimate the power of their happiness or misery on those around them. 5. People believe they will always have tomorrow. This book will enable you to… • Make intentional decisions about your use of daily resources: time, money and energy • Be aware of your habits of thinking and behavior • Take charge of your choices • Engage in purposeful action • Enjoy the present moment • Strengthen your resilience • Take excellent care of yourself • Enlist your own helpful, internal life coach • Create happy moments • Develop your creativity

Family rituals and traditions create a happy web of memories that last a lifetime. We may not recall with great fondness the hours we spent in house maintenance, errands, or at work, but we will recall, to our last breath, the meaningful moments we slowed down long enough to create treasured moments with the people we love most.

Family Rituals

We Cannot Give to Our Children What We Do Not Have for Ourselves

Growing into a Healthier Relationship

Growing into a Healthier Relationship is a work book designed to help you improve any relationship in your life: the relationship with your child, boss, spouse, mother... Just as we exercise and eat well to maintain physical health, healthy relationships are a result of healthy attitudes and behaviors in our in daily interactions. Consider your individual contribution to the relationship by reading the workbook and taking the challenge of each session in order to positively impact the relationship you wish to improve. I lead the way by applying each session in my own life; then I ask you to take a turn. The sessions are simple, brief, and practical. Join me in bringing wellness to the myriad of relationships in our lives. Don’t just wish you could be happier about a relationship in your life; take the first step to a healthier relationship by ordering your copy of the workbook today.

I Am in My Life for Keeps: A Course in Thriving

We Cannot Give to Our Children What We Do Not Have for Ourselves is a practical workbook for parents to enhance your well-being through self-nurture and self-discipline activities, so that as your needs are met, you are able to meet the needs of your children.